Hello again lovelies.. I'm here today with a set of clean & simple cards created with the Colour Artist InksColour Embossing Powder & Uniquely Creative dies.

I heard on the grape vine a little while ago that the lovely Mel Struths had a thing for lightbulbs so was super excited when I got to turn my little lightbulb doodles into dies for Uniquely Creative. I had a million Colour Blast projects in mind when creating these dies and couldn't wait for them to be made. 

To celebrate the release of these dies, Uniquely Creative is giving away a set of the Lightbulb dies & the Scripty Sunshine die & a couple packs of Embellies too. For all the info how to enter read the info at the bottom of the email.

Now, lets get onto making some cards...   

For the backgrounds I cut down some watercolour paper to 5" x 7" and taped them down to a hardwood board with low tack masking tape. I wet down the paper with a wide brush and then dropped in little amounts of the Colour Artist Inks with a round paintbrush. 

I let each layer dry completely (you can speed up the process with a heat tool) and then wet down the surface again and dropped in more colour. 

For the greens & blues I used a combination of the CitrusLimeGrassMermaid & Oasis Colour Artist Inks. 

I did the same process here with three layers and while the last layer was still wet I sprinkled on some salt crystals and let them sit for a good few hours.. I wasn't patient enough to let them sit overnight, but if you are the effects would be a little more dramatic than on my background. 

For the above card I used a combination of the SpiceSunburntCiderBarleySlipper & Berry Colour Artist Inks. 

I then die cut some lightbulbs, and sentiments from white cardstock and embossed them 3 times with the Bling & Stormy Weather Colour Embossing Powder, to get a lovely thick embossed effect. Don't forget to give your embossing powder a little shake before using it so that the embossing powder and sparkle mix well. 

I then created three 4.25" x 5.5" card bases, cut down a piece of glitter cardstock to 4" x 5.25" and die cut my coloured backgrounds with a cross stitch rectangle die and stacked these on top of one another to create the background for my cards. 

I then bundled up some silver and gold thread to layer under the sentiments and put together my cards. 

I also added a sprinkling of rhinestones and pearls around the sentiments to add a bit more texture and ground the sentiment a little more. 

This background was created in the same way but using the SpiceCider & Citrus Colour Artist Inks.

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The giveaway ends on the 1st of December 2017.
A winner will be randomly chosen from the comments.  

Hope you have enjoyed my process of these little cards, cause I sure had fun playing with these amazing inks again. 


Gold Leaf Light-Up Frame

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to be an X-Press It Creator and I may have squeeled a little (or a lot). I use X-Press It products on an everyday basis already, whether it be the Double Sided Tape Runner or Foam Squares in card making or the X-Press It Blending Card for Copic colouring, so to be a creator for a brand I love is an absolute honour. 

Today I am sharing a little frame I made using the X-Press It Gold and Silver Metal Leaf. 

I grabbed a white frame I had sitting around and bought a wire with little LED lights from Kmart. 

The Metal Leaf comes in Gold, Silver and Copper but today I focussed mainly on the Gold, with a little bit of Silver.

I painted the frame with the X-Press It Gold Size using an old paintbrush and let it sit for about 10 minutes. When nice and tacky I added the gold leaf. 

I wanted a distressed look so I very lightly roughed up the gold metal leaf and pressed it onto the frame. 

I then added some silver metal leaf to fill in the spaces. 

I brushed off the loose leaf with a dry paintbrush and then repeated the above steps again to fill in the frame. 

I love that X-Press It has so many different tapes for so many different applications.

For adhering paper to paper like above I alway go for the Blue Double Sided Tape, and because it comes in so many widths it makes it so versatile also. 

I die cut a heap of little fir trees from the same white cardstock and adhered the top back trees using the X-Press It Clear Gel Glue. 

The trees in the foreground were adhered using the X-Press It Foam Mounting Tape to give some added dimension. 

I filled the bottom part of the frame with the little lights and adhered the back using the X-Press It High Tack Double Sided Tape as this needed to stay firmly adhered. 

You can now either leave the frame nice and simple and sit it on the mantle or add some baubles to the side to make it more Christmassy.

Hope you give Gold Metal Leafing a go.. its so much fun with such a beautiful unique finish. 


Watercolour Geodes with Colour Blast Artist Inks

Hello Lovelies.. last week I was super excited to play with the all new Colour Artist Inks. I literally could not put down my paintbrush and stop. These babies are so incredibly vibrant and delicious I cannot even put into words how much I love them.

One of the projects I created were these Geode paintings and I wanted to share the process with you.

Firstly loosely draw a rough oval shape with a pencil on a piece of watercolour paper, mine were about 5 x 7 inches in size. 

Load a round brush (a size 6 works well) with clean water and paint along the pencil line to wet your paper. Pick up a tiny bit of the Colour Artist Ink on the tip of your brush and drop the colour into the wet area, right on the outer edge, so that it works its way naturally into the centre. 

I used all four blues: MermaidOasisCalypso & Marine, as well as Walnut and a tiny bit of Soot & Berry Colour Artist Ink. Allow this layer to dry completely before moving onto the next geode ring. 

I'm not all that very patient so decided to start on another geode while waiting for this guy to dry. The step by step images for this one are below. 

Continue creating new rings moving in towards the centre one by one. Start with a ring of clean water and drop in the colour just like you did for the first ring. I decided to add a natural ring to the outside (while waiting for the centre to dry.. so you could work both inwards and outwards at the same time if you like. The colours used for the outside ring were: Walnut & Soot Colour Artist Inks.

I then moved into some greens: Grass & Lime with a touch of Mermaid Colour Artist Ink.

Lastly I created the crack in the centre of the geode by painting a skinny oval in the very centre with clean water and dropped the colour into the centre rather than to the outside of the oval. This made the colour move outwards rather inwards. You can help it along with your brush a little if need be.

And here is the finished geode.. love how it turned out and I love how insanely vibrant the colours are. 

The second geode was created with exactly the same steps as above, but this time focussing more on the purples & pinks. I used the BerryCranberrySlipper and Marine Colour Artist Inks for the first two outer rings. 

In the next couple of rings I dropped back on the Berry & Marine and focussed on the CranberryBordeauxSunburnt & Spice Colour Artist Ink.

And finally the centre of the geode was a combination of Marine & Berry Colour Artist Ink.

Hope I have inspired you to have a play with the new Colour Artist Inks. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.. and what more.. these geodes were painted using only 1 drop of each colour. Oh yea! 

p.s. don't forget to have fun!

Summer Splash - Uniquely Creative DT Share

Hello lovelies.. popping in quickly today to share my DT layouts for the November Creative Kit Club, using the Summer Splash collection.

In my first layout I used the large beach ball overlay included in the kit, as well as the Sunshine die.. which is also included in the kit. Loved the grounding that the overlay gave the layout.

In this layout of our little 'beach babe' Charlie, I used the Sand Texture stencil and the navy ink to create some texture in the background as well as the Scribble Interlocking Circles die to add a lot of texture around the main cluster.

I couldn't bare to put away all those little shells and fish that I didn't use, so I popped together this layout with my leftovers. I added a bit of stitching to the little triangles and roughed up the edges for added texture.

The 3 dies used in this kit are these guys.. and the little scribbly circles and waves are some of my doodles which is extra cool. The kit & dies are available over on the Uniquely Creative website so why not pop past and check it out. 

Hope I've inspired to get out your beach photos and create some layout.