{inspiration} washi pegs..

It's school holidays here at the moment and I always seem to get more creative with the little ones around.. probably because I just want them to enjoy what I do each day. We tend to jump from one activity to another as they are still very young.

So out came the wooden pegs and my washi collection the other day and I made a few more peg sets for my little store, simply by covering the pegs with washi tape and trimming neatly around the edges. 

The kids started off doing what I was then moved onto making the pegs into little puppets and dolls by drawing faces on them and making their clothing out of washi. Too cute. 


  1. Kasia, I've been inspired by these gorgeous pegs and just been shopping! Christmas coming I'm going to do this project for our Chrissy cards, and put together some other Christmas craft, can't wait - thank you so much! xx

  2. These are so adorable! Thank you for sharing such a lovely idea.